[M3devel] About ARM µ-PC

Daniel Alejandro Benavides D. dabenavidesd at yahoo.es
Fri Dec 30 16:41:08 CET 2011

Hi all:
Sorry for the wrong text message but in fact what I wanted to let you know is that a Micro-Kernel has been worked out in Modula-3 for AIX, OS/2 and AS400 besides licensed for ARM and it resulted in a U$ 2 bn effort.
I guess if that's the case we would need to ask what about that project.
I hope its true, then it is sound to think on layering everything into it, including every OS mentioned here.
Thanks in advance

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> De: Daniel Alejandro Benavides D. <dabenavidesd at yahoo.es>
> Asunto: [M3devel] About ARM µ-PC
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> Hi all:
> inf act, I remember working on installing a 386 VM library
> for Linux, and it can be run in ARM, etc:
> http://www.nocrew.org/software/a386
> So for question 
> 1) Basically a translation library to Linux kernel
> interrupts
> 2) An e.g a386 abstracted instruction set layer over bare
> HW (a VM implementation native on Risc OS).
> I guess the debate between both worlds is open by Tanenbaum
> and Torvalds on kernel types, but in any event, if that's
> good for Linux kernel to run on top of any other system, I
> would be open to debate (a Micro-kernel), but I guess for OS
> research you can run pretty much Linux on a W95 system, like
> eCos, but this isn't very efficient I guess in terms you are
> asking (as to what to expect for context switching, etc).
> Thanks in advance

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