[M3devel] Problems building CM3 from trunk.

Hendrik Boom hendrik at topoi.pooq.com
Mon Jun 6 00:01:25 CEST 2011

On Sun, Jun 05, 2011 at 07:23:38PM +0100, Daniel Alejandro Benavides D. wrote:
> Hi all:
> Yes, it would be nice, but you would need to understand that we don't want the RT to depend on specific implementations, but to be portable really and truly, having C underneath makes just another thing makes us to depend on C RT (that is less likely to be the best idea), instead of that, a clean low level but truly independent platform low level C-- is good to start with, you might see another implementation of this idea in portable Cedar (Modula-3 was ported to it), just that their idea was to make this even further to interact with that language, us here just need the portable low level interfaces same way (I don't deny Modula-3 C runtime, but making it safe ideally is C--), something I don't know it's quite platform dependent in inner C currently if I may say so (who can say that BTW). Even SPIN did  transfered their ideal C idiom to SPIN Modula-3 (just what it missed, later did the same in a distributed JVM an nowadays I think in C#)

C-- is my favourite object code language, but it lacks support.  As far as I know, 
it has a code generator for the 32-bit x86 processoe and that's about it.  Several 
others have been mentioned as being nearly ready, but that isn't really good enough.  
There hasn't been much activity on the C-- newsgroup on gmane.  THe project looks 

I think it would be worth breathing life into the C-- project, but I'm really not 
sure how to do it.

It would probably be a lot of work.

--  hendrik

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