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Dragiša Durić dragisha at m3w.org
Tue Jun 28 17:13:18 CEST 2011

I had a discussion few days ago with a friend, programmer-for-hire doing python.

My question is - what to teach my 14yr old son who is willing to learn programming this summer.

His answer: "I remember slashdot discussion, they recommended python in the end and the best argument I saw was: PyGTK".

My conclusion: If we want (do we?) more users using Modula-3 then we must think more GTK+ less Algorithm Animation, less Juno-2. (Don't think I don't respect these projects, I just think they are too deep to be what we present first).

Just because lots of us here think garbage collector (not function, but algorithms and code) is cool it doesn't mean it is Modula-3 "selling point"!

I have some "down to Earth" things done with Modula-3 like FastCGI, PDF with TTF subsetting, scripting engine, runtime support for shared libraries (think plugins here)... Also some GTK+.. I believe other people here did various things of same "down to Earth" class... For lots of people Python-is-good just because they did a lot of binding automation. 

Can we do it too? Can we make Modula-3 down-to-Earth? Think GUIs, Think Databases, Think Scripting/Gluing engine, Think easy to install distributions (people here did a lot to achieve this), Think Robotics.

I think we can. But not on same list where people dig internals and hack gcc. m3distro, for example... And along that way - m3user, m3newbie.

To that end, I am willing to contribute majority of my code and help straighten it on Linux, OSX and Windows. But we need a coordinator for this, someone to drive Modula-3 nearer to kid next door. Daniel, you?


On Jun 28, 2011, at 4:37 PM, Daniel Alejandro Benavides D. wrote:

> Ji all:
> I think IMHO that the users capabilities are not the main issue here, user's ideal it might, I believe there are several examples of that, Multimedia Modula-3, Jigsaw Modula-3 Modular-oriented programming, Object-Oriented programming (Obliq), hi-tech applications Juno-2, ESC (Simplify) and they're just a few I can mention, but I'm sure there are others Algorithm Animation, etc.
> Given that I think still there are several issues, one of them portability, however a lot of work onto that before and now, in Win* systems, original Win32 platform and so I guess is the matter of interest to keep it alive, the ones will ell how much you can get of new old users (again ideals talking about here, i.e Cvsup, etc).
> Thanks in advance

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