[M3devel] Is CM3 Modula-3 dynamic binding done at RT being formalized?

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Hi Daniel.

On Wed, Sep 21, 2011 at 6:47 PM, Daniel Alejandro Benavides D. <
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> Hi all:
> I think this is the question, I really don't like to quote, but as someone
> said, This is it!
> 3. Java was planed to be the language of the Era (and it certainly was at
> the moment of its birth, objects, threads, exceptions, all from old school
> and newer ones like Modula-3, and nearer of NetObj)

4. Java sadly failed unfortunately due big birth of Internet mainly due
> safety* but mainly by performance, let's be honest here (JVM were planeed to
> be in everywhere if you read its books)

this is just my personal opinion, I don't like java that much, but:

I don't think java failed at all.
many people use it.
it is available in many devices.
phones, etc.
it has industry suport and lots of documentation.
it has a big userbase
it is taught in college, so you can expect more java programmers comming.

I don't think java is going anywhere.

> 6. JavaScript code is becoming critical when it comes to smart TVs, low-end
> phones,

*which* low end smartphones?

> Then the question is why it failed, and if so, why do they can fix it still
> (Google V8, etc),

I also don't think javascript failed either.
it also has wide adoption, ti is installed in 97% of the computers of the
world, it is many people's first contact with programming, and it has
several implementations.

I also don't think javascript is going away any time soon now.

> well, the idea is perhaps the one more or less of Modula-3, you can run
> code efficiently in UNSAFE code,

yeah, too bad the "new" Text library doesn't even work as intended, old
programs break, and nobody gives a damn about it.

> but most inner parts are safe, then, this is it, finally acknowledge that
> it's the Modula-3 security model, and secondly the computation model it's
> still not sound in terms of network models,

by this do you mean no cross-plattform socket support?

is this supported by m3?

Modula-3 Obliq style is more oriented to LANs, but fortunately this is what
> I meant by Cloud VM that has fixed this two models.
> OK, if I am correct then this what happened with Modula-3, Java, JavaScript
> and that if completely finally acknowledge it (Obliq deserves and its
> precursors of course, Modula-3, mainly, but let's say Java in one way or
> another) of the most important credit.

I don't think a benchmark of programming languages is credit, but rather
usebase and growth.

but this is just my opinion, others might think differently.

> By denying it, they will cave more depth than of what they are now as they
> have brought us "their revolution", more way down.
> Now, it was acknowledge the importance and recently more and more of SPIN,
> specially its dynamic linker

an m3 linker you say?
tell me more about it.

where can I find this m3 linker you speak of...
çwhat is the download URL?

> to save the Modularity of JVM, but it was certainly
> special to correct their lack of security, and use its fixed loader as its
> application (that is linker-loader):
> http://www.cs.cornell.edu/slk/papers/slk.pdf
> I would like to see a port and working of m3loader just to see where did
> they arrive to in DEC-SRC days, Jay are you still there? :)
> I can bring it compile it but not too much after that (I'm a big fan of
> compilers, but missing interfaces and Modules problems is harder than to fix
> simple bugs). Jay is pretty fairly the guy at the dark corners of MS linkers
> and loaders, interesting as some one suggested recently to see it in a
> platform independent "dynamic-network-aware linker caller", uhm m3linker,
> well that's harder work than just to recompile in its native platform. But
> could be certainly a good work to do later.
> Thanks in advance
> PS: There is a important fact about SPIN OS, that motivated by the above
> url of this description

may we know what this "important fact" is or will we remain in ignorance?

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