[M3devel] m3 backends and builtin types?

Tony Hosking hosking at cs.purdue.edu
Thu Aug 16 01:58:23 CEST 2012

There is a bootstrap issue here isn’t there?  You need the compiler to inform the runtime of information that the compiler needs...

On Aug 15, 2012, at 6:11 PM, Jay K <jay.krell at cornell.edu> wrote:

> Something seems off to me in the current implementation.
> Like, I don't think the backends are ever informed of various "builtin" types, such as integer, word, char, widechar, boolean, mutex.
> I hardcoded knowledge of them in parse.c and M3C.m3.
> That seems wrong.
> Either that, or they are used before they are defined -- which might not be avoidable in general, but could easily be avoided for most types.
> Shouldn't m3front inform the backend via m3cg of these types?
> It is doable using the existing interfaces? 
> More so, RTBuiltin.mx ought not exist, right?
> Whatever data it contains should be built up like any other type data?
> Part of the same problem?
>  - Jay

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