[M3devel] Fwd: [FreeBSD-Announce] Reminder: Ports CVS EoL on February 28th 2013

Daniel Alejandro Benavides D. dabenavidesd at yahoo.es
Mon Jan 14 04:31:15 CET 2013

Hi all:

It might been some problem in mailing list?, but I don't think they regret so, they weren't using it actively since 2008 switch over rsync.

Anyway, we didn't solve the thread issue in which CVsupd stalled, and apparently didn't want us to solve it.
What could we do?

Thanks in advance

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Declining use of CVS, CVSup, csup:

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From: Beat Gaetzi <beat at freebsd.org>
Date: January 10, 2013, 1:42:10 PM PST
To: <freebsd-announce at freebsd.org>, <freebsd-ports-announce at freebsd.org>
Subject: [FreeBSD-Announce] Reminder: Ports CVS EoL on February 28th 2013


As announced in September the ports tree will no longer be exported to
CVS after February 28th 2013. All users who still use CVS, CVSup or csup
to update the ports tree are encouraged to switch to portsnap(8) or for
users which need more control over their ports collection to use
Subversion directly [1].

A migration guide from CVSup/csup to portsnap is also available in the
FreeBSD handbook [2].

More information regarding the end of ports CVS can be found in the
initial announcement [3].

Beat, on behalf of portmgr@

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