[M3devel] alloca/jmpbuf

Jay K jay.krell at cornell.edu
Fri Jan 1 07:21:27 CET 2016

NT386 has some failure in the caltech-parser/parserlib/parserlib/test directory.

I propose the following:
Bring back the jmpbuf-size-known-by-frontend code, but with some "sprinkled conditions":

Target.Alloca_jmpbuf: BOOLEAN in the compiler
and something in the runtime, like RTExFrame.Alloca_jmpbuf:BOOLEAN.

If this is/was/meant to be an option that lasted a while, then it'd also be a bit in RT0, so the runtime would make a runtime decision "informed by" the compiler.

However this is really just hopefully just an experiment, and anyone switching the value would switch it in both places.

It really can't be in only one place, though one could communicate it to the other -- such is the dependency/independency between the compiler and runtime.

I tried to do a "git revert" and then edit, but git continues to elude me, so I'm going to do something more manual.


1) Just debug the current state.
Esp. comparing MacOSX (which works) with NT386

2) Construct all I've said but don't commit it.

 - Jay 		 	   		  

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