[M3devel] helo everyone - videotutorials for modula3

Daniel Alejandro Benavides D. dabenavidesd at yahoo.es
Wed Jun 15 22:31:00 CEST 2011

Hi all:
I think in that way we could make room for the other (newer) implementation of it, since, what is the extra cost associated with linking to another example driver programs or a simple example more, normally a sort of good example to stress test to see whether the implementation is working or not. Actually the data base libraries are located in the usual path in that kind of systems, and in others it might not be the case but still a good chance is that you can still grab it and install it in the same root directory so it can't be that hard, anyways a real independent platform DBMS could be a terrific project for Modula-3, but whose are gonna make them. I know for instance ARX OS had a DB OS support directly files, "cabinets" and sequences of data as primitives,, may be something like the ML/SQL, you know what I mean, a way to  start to work in databases without too much trouble,  I think there existis, OO DBMS,  OO DBPL, and Structured  DB MS, but
 nothing like that, perhaps some problem may ARX have had else (relational).
Thanks in advance 

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just as an exercise, if you find the time try this:

download this file:


 in a virtual-box hosted recent ubuntu distro, or in a ubuntu  that doesn't have cm3 or postrges, and see if you get the same messages.

I have a "vanilla" distro, but perhaps something is broken in my particular machine, that doesn't always happen in everyone-else's.

if you can confirm via this experiment, that the results are replicable, then perhaps we'll have something to show for.

otherwise, I assume it is just my machine.

however, after a little search, this comes out:

"There's no reliable way to detect a PostgreSQL install on UNIX/Linux/BSD either."


doesn't that suck !

and it is not even modula3's fault!

2011/6/15 Jay K <jay.krell at cornell.edu>

I think the .deb file should install ok no matter what is installed -- even if some of what it installs won't work.
It is only for rebuilding stuff from source that you might need e.g. postgres and where
editing the config file should help, and where the m3makefile should query what the config file did.

Something seems off here.

 - Jay

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> On 15.06.2011 21:49, felipe valdez wrote:
> > I can just learn more bash and do it myself, but it sounds like a nice
> > addition to the .deb

> Is this installation query part of the .deb-package?
> I think Debian is a distribution with defined places for libraries like 
> postgres. They can be hard-coded into cm3.config, since if postgres is 

> installed, it will be in that defined location. And if not installed, 
> the linker option for the postgres path will not hurt.


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