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Jay jay.krell at cornell.edu
Sun Sep 16 04:39:09 CEST 2007

From: jayk123 at hotmail.comTo: dabenavidesd at yahoo.es; m3devel at elegosoft.com; m3-support at elego.de; m3-support at elegosoft.comSubject: cm3/win32 micro status..Date: Tue, 4 Sep 2007 09:08:18 +0000

fixed and /drastically/ churned hand.c problem reported by Daniel, though I went overboard in my way :) (send flames if you don't like and MAYBE I'll change my ways...)added MyHeapState to thread\win32\ThreadF.i3 to fix compilation of RTCollector.m3  fixed typo somewhere I think ThreadWin32.m3\MyHeapState to fix compileremove unimplemented MyAllocPool from thread\win32\ThreadF.i3 to fix compile  Tony? Maybe you just forgot to commit the use of it?new release at ~jkrell\*.tar.bz2 on m3.elegosoft.com  made with cm3\scripts\win\make-dist.cmd (have I mentioned this before? :) )mail not coming through here; I'll keep sending, covering my butt :)int64 support still MIA sorry I havebeen reading some of the relevant code, at this rate could be a week could be a year..Juno.exe starts up displays a bunch of stuff looks like it is "initializing"C:\cm3\bin>Juno.exe****** runtime error:***    <*ASSERT*> failed.***    file "..\src\winvbt\WinContext.m3", line 165***Stack trace:   FP         PC      Procedure---------  ---------  -------------------------------0x5aaf830   0xf41c9a  PushPixmap + 0x43c in ..\src\winvbt\WinContext.m30x5aaf8f8   0xf4fc1c  PixmapCom + 0x932 in ..\src\winvbt\WinPaint.m30x5aafd54   0xf4db45  PaintBatch + 0x225 in ..\src\winvbt\WinPaint.m30x5aafdbc   0xf4843e  PaintBatchVBT + 0x12d in ..\src\winvbt\WinTrestle.m30x5aafe04   0xf46d3d  WindowProc + 0x699 in ..\src\winvbt\WinTrestle.m30x5aafe30  0x7e418734  <???>0x5aafe98  0x7e418816  <???>0x5aafef8  0x7e4189cd  <???>0x5aaff08  0x7e4196c7  <???>0x5aaff50   0xf4baf4  MessengerApply + 0x21f in ..\src\winvbt\WinTrestle.m3.........  .........  ... more frames ...I have "cracked" my legitimate copy of CM3 4.1 cminstall and cm3 so cminstall doesn't prompt for license and cm3 doesn't care about license haven't automated, just poking in debugge Would like to hear about the legality here before telling people how,  but, uh, really..if you can use the Windows ntsd/cdb debugger, it is quite easy..  You even have the source to cminstall. I'll probably automate applying the patch, or running an unpatched copy and patch it  in memory or something. But again I'd like to know the legality, and if  there is any need/interest in making a 4.1 binary distribution.Has anyone thought about versioning and .dlls with Modula-3?Like should exported names include typecodes?Or is it just that all the .dlls and .exes in the same directory shouldbe built and rebuilt together and that's it?  - 

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